About Composite Group Russia

Information about Russian Group of Companies "Composite"

Strategy of the Company

According to modern business requirements and principle "here and now", the demanded raw materials and equipment are always in stock of "Composite" Group. 

Any businessman can come to us, without complete understanding what he really wants. But we can help him to organize "turn-key" modern business, which will be developed reliably and profitably in present Russian market conditions.

It is necessary to note that the Company pays special attention to the selection of the employees. Expertise in area of composites production takes first place. 

Other obligatory qualities of the personnel are affability, tenderness and invariably friendly attitude toward the Customers.

Group "Composite" is the recognized leader on Russian market during several years. Success of "Composite" Group is provided by the following factors:

  • Wide marketing network all over Russia;
  • High-qualified technical specialists with the big experience of practical work;
  • Correct choice of the equipment and raw materials nomenclature;
  • Own manufacturing and test territory;
  • Constant presence of the goods in stock;
  • Constant expansion of assortment according to clients requirements. 


The main stages of development of the Group of Companies "Composite":

  • 1991 - Establishing of the company "Composite", Saint-Petersburg. The first direction of the business was the production of boats, launches and sail boats from fiberglass materials
  • 1992 - Organization of trade activities in new market economy environment
  • 1993 - Developing the market of raw-materials and materials for production of the goods from fiberglass materilas. Signing the contract with the Finish company Neste Chemicals
  • 1995 - Starting the branch in Moscow
  • 1996-1997 - Starting the branches in Minsk and Nizhny Novgorod
  • 1998 - Starting the daughter-company, "Anticor-Composite", representing the Graco equipment
  • 1999-2000 - Starting the branches in Samara and Novosibirsk
  • 2001 - Parthership with the company Ashland (the first world leader in polyester resins production), which has come after Neste Chemicals
  • 2001 - 10-year anniversary of the Group of Companies "Composite" 
  • 2001 - Establishing a production facility "Prof" in Saint-Petersburg
  • 2002 - Starting the branch in Ekaterinburg
  • 2003 - Starting the branch in Kazan
  • 2005 - Start of development of the direction "The systems of industrial water - treatment" / Ashland Drew
  • 2006 - Start of development of the direction "Binding decision for metal casting" / Ashland Casting Solutions 
  • 2006 - Starting the new branch in Rostov-na-Dony
  • 2006 - 15-years anniversary of the Group of Companies "Composite"
  • 2008 - Parthership with the company Ashland Distribution
  • 2008 - Starting the branch of daughter company "Anticor-Composite" in Moscow
  • 2011 - 20-years anniversary of Group of companies "Composite"
  • 2012 - Starting the branch in Almaty
  • 2013 - Starting of Composite Latvija and Composite Lithuania
  • 2015 - Starting of Composite Estonia
  • 2016 - 25-years anniversary of the Group of Companies "Composite"

Every branch has its own office and warehouse.


Group of Companies "Composite" always expands its activity both geographically and by expansion of assortment. In most of the cases it happens because of customers requests and because of their needs and cares. Comprehensive support and care of the Customers provides development of our company. Such mutually beneficial cooperation promote the futher development of the whole industry. 


We are always open for the new projects, for new partherships with the Russian and foreign companies, for studying and for work with the new interesting technologies!